Friday, January 23, 2009

December Update...Volume 3

So as you can see we had a Great Holiday! Our trip to Utah was so fun, and I can honestly say we did not sit around...From visiting family we don't see often, Playing games with Grandparents, Hiking the Red hills of "Dixie", Playing at the "Jumping Jacks" jump house with cousins, Playing on the School Playground with Grandma, Eating out at our Favorite Restaurants, Preparing for and watching the Fireworks, Watching the Amazing University of Utah football team win their Bowl Game, and just having a great old time with family! Thanks everyone for making our Christmas break so fun! We love you all!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

December Update...Volume 2

So we had a GREAT Christmas! We stayed in Oregon for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We invited our Friends the Marino's over for a yummy Christmas Eve dinner and Program. After playing the Present game (a tradition in my family for many many years) we read the Christmas story out of the Bible.

Christmas morning we awoke to find that Santa had "redecorated" our tree with Wii items! Yes we also received a Wii (a gift I have heard many received)! The kids had a great time opening presents! They also went outside to find that the reindeer had eaten all of the reindeer food that Tyler had sprinkled in the snow (we know this because they left Tracks and the food was gone!). Ever since I can remember we would lay all of our presents out on our bed and take a picture, so in the slide show you will see the kids and their toys!

The original plan was for us to hurry and open presents and then hop in the car for a 14 hour drive to Utah to spend the rest of our Break. But as it snowed and snowed all day on Christmas Eve day we decided to just spend the $ and buy plane tickets...I must say money WELL spent! After a relaxing day of playing with our toys and the Wii we hopped on a plane and arrived in Vegas about 3 hours later with my mom and dad there excited to see us! Thanks mom and dad for picking us up!

December Update...Volume 1

So we had a great time over the Christmas Break...We started it off with a fun day (in a blizzard) of Sledding with our new friends the Marino's. On Christmas Eve Day they took us up the mountain a ways to a huge hill that is for Sledding. It was snowing so hard but that did not stop Jess, Tyler and Madysen from spending two hours on the hill. Zac and I watched them climb the mountain several times and enjoying the ride down. I still need to purchase me some snow pants so I can enjoy the snow. My legs were sooo cold and wet from just sitting out in the snow. Thanks to Lori who thought to bring an umbrella...We were somewhat sheltered from the snow.

The other snow pictures are at my Grandpa's Cabin in Pine Valley UT. We had a great time with grandma and grandpa and cousins! The kids had a blast riding on sleds tied to four-wheelers around the snow packed streets.

Below is a slide show of our Snow fun...More fun pictures of our break to come soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Great to visit with old Friends!

So one of the many fun things we did while we were in St. George was get together with both mine and Jess' high school friends and their Spouse's(some we havn't seen for many years, way to long). We were lucky to get to go out 2 nights in a row for dinner with them. It was so fun to see them and chat like we had never been apart! Thanks guys for a wonderful night(s)! Oh, and I can't forget to Thank my mom and dad for babysitting the kids 2 nights in a row so we could go out! We are so lucky to have friends like each of you!
Jess' Buddies
Colby ~ Jess ~ Paul...It was so Great to see you guys!

Kristi ~ Brette ~ Me ~ Jennifer...I loved getting together! Can't wait until the summer to get together again!