Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally...Our Valentine's Day Activities

So yes...I have been wanting to post our Valentine's Day for a while but I have had too much fun with the "Facebook" thing, and would rather be playing on Facebook then blogging at the moment.

Anyways...we did have a great Valentine's Day. We started off the weekend with a very fun Couples party at our house. I figured since we just moved here this would be the Perfect way to get to know and meet new friends. Lets just say we (along with 9 other couples) had a blast! We had Fondue and we played my famous "Not-so-Newlywed" game. We made some great friends and I think it was a great start to me getting into this new town. Oh, I can't forget to Thank Madysen for doing such a Great job keeping the boys upstairs throughout the ENTIRE party. She was payed well with "Erasers" instead of money (at her request)!

The kids woke up to some fun Valentine's Gifts from Cupid. Madagascar 2, among books for each of them was their gift. That evening after Madysen's Basketball game we went to our friends house and ate "Heart" shaped pizza's, after which we all came back to our house for some games, WII, and dessert. Thanks Marino Family for a great time!

Since Monday was a Holiday Jess and I left Madysen home with the boys and we went to the movie Taken. After that movie we took the kids along with the Marino Family to the $ movies which was playing Tales of Desparaux. The fun thing about this movie theatre is that you sit on couches and can order a wide variety of food to eat during the movie. We had a great time (pictures taken from camera phone, so they are not the best Quality). We then ended the day with dinner at our favorite restaurant in Bend..."The Black Bear Diner"!

We hope you all had a great Valentine's day! Thank-you to the Grandma's and Grandpa's who sent us Valentines Packages...The kids loved them (and so did we)! We Love You!