Friday, December 12, 2008

The REAL snow fall of the year!

We are all in Heaven!
Hey...No throwing snowballs at the MOM!
Getting creative...using a tote for a sled (didn't really work)
Jess also having fun!
Sledding down the hill on a Tote Lid...Another creative idea for a sled that still didn't work. Looks like we need to purchase a real sled!
It's FREEZING, It's DARK, but they are still playing in the snow!
Tyler is LOVIN this!Madysen is LOVIN this!Zac is LOVIN this!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it Snow or is it Frost?

Ever since we have been here in Bend the kids have been patiently waiting for the snow to fall. Apparently we should have already had snow by now. Well the Hallman family is not used to snow. We moved to California when Tyler was 5 months old so Madysen is really the only one who has truly experienced the COLD white stuff...

So every morning Tyler looks out the window to see if it snowed during the night. Well Monday morning was no different...he looked out and sees white (more white than a normal morning)covering the entire lawn. It certainly looked like snow...or was it just a heavy frost. The kids did not care. They hurried to get ready for school, bundled up (thanks Shell for the Mittens), and went outside to play. They didn't care if there wasn't enough to build a snow man, they did however figure out how to throw it at each other. For their sake (not mine) I hope the 50% chance of snow for this Saturday comes true. They have certainly waited for it!

Brr... it sure is cold out there! We hope you all are staying Warm!

Only in Bend would you find Llamas in the Christmas Parade...

So this last weekend our city had a Christmas parade. Jess now being involved in the Rotary Club was helping with their float (or truck). He took Madysen and they both got to ride in the parade. The boys and I got there early and found our seats on the Curb of downtown Bend. The parade was fun. It reminded me of the many parades I was in when I was a child. So we have figured out that living in Bend you must have a dog...or a horse! In the parade there were as Zac would say it "so many little dogs and big horses". But to our surprise there were even "Llamas" in the parade. They also have "Chevy Club"! Dad, you would love this! You and mom should come and live here...your Chevy's would fit right in, and this town does have a "little" St. George Feel!
~Merry Christmas~

Tyler and Zac At the Bend Christmas Parade

Tyler and Zac playing Frisbee in the street waiting for the parade to start!

Ooh, pretty Llama...

Dad, you should bring your old Chevy's and be in the "Chevy" Club...

Waving...It's what you do at Parades

Madysen on Rotary Club Float...look closely and you can see Jess

Madysen with Smokey the Bear

Monday, December 1, 2008

Remembering the Memories in Mountain View...Making New Memories in Bend!

Ok, one more time...Thanks so much for all of the fun times we had in California. Each one of you have left deep impressions on our family. Please know that you are Loved, Appreciated and very truly MISSED!!! We love and miss you!