Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Little Zachary is 4!

Is is amazing to think that 4 years ago we were rushed into the operating room to deliver our 2 month "premature" baby boy (it seems like yesterday)! He is definitely our "Miracle" baby! Other than having a Clogged Tear duct for the first two years of his life he has been perfect. He is a very energetic and curious "big" boy who absolutely loves Madysen and Tyler. Where ever they go, or whatever they do he is there doing it right along side of them. Cars are his passion, and has just started getting into "Star wars". He loves to be surrounded by people, especially his friends! Zac, we are so lucky and proud to have you in our family!
Happy Birthday and WE LOVE YOU!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Trip to California for 5th Grade Graduation!

Madysen is such a LUCKY girl...With the help of our Great friend Shell, Madysen was able to attend and participate in Bubb Elementary's 5th Grade Commencement. Because Madysen has had a hard time with this move I thought it might be a good way to close out the school year and start a new one here in Bend. The kids and I got up at 3:00 in the morning on Wednesday the 10th and drove 10 hours straight to California. When we reached Mountain View we SURPRISED the D'Augusta Kids(being best friends and not seeing each other for 8 months has been hard)! Seeing their reactions made it worth the trip! For 4 days we played hard. It was really hard to leave! Thanks California Friends for being SO good to us!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Great School year...

We were lucky to have not just "3" Great Teachers this year, but "8"! I am a Strong believer that a Great Teacher makes for a Great School Year! We had Wonderful teachers in California (first 3 months) and here in Oregon! We are very thankful for all of their hard work!

California Teachers...

Mr. Poling~5th Grade

Mr. Jonathan~1st Grade

Miss. Jenna~1st preschool

Miss Mary~2nd Preschool

Miss Tamara~2nd Preschool

Oregon teachers...

Mrs. Linn~5th Grade

Mrs. Noll~1st Grade

Miss Debi~Preschool

Happy Fathers Day...

Happy Fathers day Jess! Thanks for being a GREAT dad to Madysen, Tyler and Zac! We love you! We are also very blessed to have two very GREAT Fathers and Terrific Grandfathers! Thanks Dad and Dad H for all you do for us! We Love you!

~The kids gave their dad a "Fire-Pit"~

Grandpa Gubler~~We Love You!

Grandpa Hallman~~We Love You!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This - N - That

We have done some fun stuff these last couple of months...With a trip to the "Big" City and the Zoo (the REAL Zoo), 2 Birthday's,and Baseball and Softball we have kept busy. In April I celebrated my 36th (Whoa, almost 40) birthday in the Big City! It was so fun to see the Freeways and Escalator's again :)! We drove to Portland and somehow ended up at the Mall. The kids (including myself)have never been so excited to see an Escalator! We didn't even buy much, it was just so fun to walk around a REAL Mall (yes I know...someday I will get over the fact that Bend does not have a REAL Mall). Later that afternoon we met up with some friends to go to the Zoo. Between the two families we had 5 boys and 1 girl (Madysen is always the only girl these days). It felt like we had our own Zoo within the Zoo. After the Zoo we searched for a Chili's Restaurant (my Favorite) to eat at for my "Birthday Dinner" (Thanks Marino's for driving so far just to eat at my Favorite place)! Then we went back to the hotel and the kids went swimming. The next day we were able to see and attend the Portland LDS Temple. What a beautiful building. It seems that every new temple I visit becomes my favorite, I guess because they all are so Beautiful. This weekend was a great one, and I was able to get my "Big City" fix! Can't wait for Summer to get another Fix in California.

Tyler celebrated his 7th birthday in May! It was his year to have a huge Birthday Party with friends but he had so much fun in the hotel in Portland that he decided to skip the friend party and choose to stay in a hotel with a pool! We stayed at a local hotel that was very nice. We ate at Red Robyn and then went back to the hotel to swim, swim, swim... we invited two families to join us in swimming and the kids had a blast. They were all wrinkled by the time they were done! That was the easiest birthday party I have ever done...and it cost the same as if I were to plan one with friends! I didn't want him to miss out on the Cake, so on Sunday we invited the same 2 families over for Cake and Ice cream! Thanks to the Marino's and the Kerr's for helping make Tyler's Birthday so fun! Also, thanks to the Grandparents for such fun Gifts!

Madysen and Tyler are both playing ball! It has been a fun season (however Jess is regreting not coaching), yet busy! We have had some of the games and practices overlap. Madysen is doing so well at Softball! Although she is one of the smallest on her team, she is one of the Best. She has figured out that she enjoys batting both Left and Right handed and is Great at either. Tyler is getting the hang of Baseball. He still needs to work on his hitting, but for the most part does pretty well. He has gotten to Pitch in a couple of games and absolutely loves it. His face LIGHTS up when he is on that mound! As for Zac...Soon he too will get to play ball!