Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zachary Turns Three...

Our Miracle baby is 3!

Wow, can I just say "Where has the time gone"? It seems like just yesterday that we had a 4 pound preemie!! Zac has turned into a Wonderful, Fun~Loving, Very Energetic and Smart boy. We are so blessed to have him in our family! For Zac's birthday we invited his favorite buddies and their families over for a "Hot Wheels" dinner party. We had such a great time thanks for coming!! Happy Birthday Zachary!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a Great time we had with Be-Bah, or Grandma!

My mom was able to come out for the very last of school. It was so much fun to have her here hanging out with the kids. She was able to attend Madysen's Gold Rush Musical, and meet our terrific friends the D'Augusta's, who by the way are our "Rock" out her in Cali.(thanks for that Shell)! It was our anniversary so my mom stayed with the kids so Jess and I could go on a long overdue date. Thanks mom. On Thursday we went to "High School Musical" on Tour. It was so much fun! Now because I am so scatterbrained I remembered right as we sat in our seats that I forgot the camera, but remembered that on my new cell phone I had a camera. The picture's aren't the greatest but they work! We took one of Maydsen's best friends Angelica. Madysen said she liked the play more than the movie. We also did a little shopping and Mom and I went and got Pedicures! Mom and Madysen flew away on Saturday (Madysen is staying in Utah for 3 weeks). Thanks mom for taking the time to come visit us! We Love You!

A Tribute to Teachers! Our Teachers!

We have been blessed this year to have 3 Wonderful, Fantastic, Talented, and Loving Teachers!

First off, Madysen's Teacher is Mrs. Lee. What an amazing person and teacher she is. When Madysen finished 2nd grade I worried that we would never find a teacher as good as Mrs. Jentch, but we did! Mrs. Lee was not only a blast, she was a very dedicated teacher in making sure all of the students in her class excelled academically, and you know what? I know they all did, especially Madysen!

Tyler was blessed to have 2 wonderful teachers this year. It started out with "Sweet" Mrs. Brock. You just knew when meeting her for the first time that each child would have a special place in her heart. It was bitter sweet when we found out on Valentines Day that Mrs. Brock was back East finally getting what she had dreamed about...A child of her own! We were so excited for her on the adoption of her new baby son, but very sad because we know she would not be coming back this year! This is where Mrs. Perry came in. She took over the class like a "nurturing" mother. She knew the kids would be confused about the situation and she was so patient, all the while getting them back into their regular routine, while adding her own personality into it. It did not take Tyler long, maybe 2 days to adore Mrs. Perry. I am positive that on her refrigerator at home Mrs. Perry has posted the pictures and "Love Notes" Tyler has drawn for her. Tyler did not miss a beat, academically by the change. Mrs. Perry did a great job at keeping those kids on the track that Mrs. Brock started!

And so We say...Thank-you Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Brock, and Mrs. Perry!

Wow, this school year has gone fast!

So, it has been a very busy 3 weeks. Between last minute field trips, end of school year performances and parties, and having Grandma Jane (Be-Bah, as Zac calls her) come we have been very busy. Below is a fun slide show of all these events!

Our Final activities of the School year!

Do you remember the "Gold Rush"

Ok, so Maddy's teacher is amazing! Remeber a few blogs back Madysen told you about learning about the "Gold Rush". Well Mrs. Lee had a very funny Musical that went right along with this. The children in the class actually tried out in front of their class mates for certain parts. They all did a great job with their parts as well as the singing! Even the costumes and props were amazing! Just by finishing off the year with this performance you could tell that this class got along really well and had a great time. We wish we could just move the whole class on to next year! Teacher and all!!