Friday, December 12, 2008

The REAL snow fall of the year!

We are all in Heaven!
Hey...No throwing snowballs at the MOM!
Getting creative...using a tote for a sled (didn't really work)
Jess also having fun!
Sledding down the hill on a Tote Lid...Another creative idea for a sled that still didn't work. Looks like we need to purchase a real sled!
It's FREEZING, It's DARK, but they are still playing in the snow!
Tyler is LOVIN this!Madysen is LOVIN this!Zac is LOVIN this!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it Snow or is it Frost?

Ever since we have been here in Bend the kids have been patiently waiting for the snow to fall. Apparently we should have already had snow by now. Well the Hallman family is not used to snow. We moved to California when Tyler was 5 months old so Madysen is really the only one who has truly experienced the COLD white stuff...

So every morning Tyler looks out the window to see if it snowed during the night. Well Monday morning was no different...he looked out and sees white (more white than a normal morning)covering the entire lawn. It certainly looked like snow...or was it just a heavy frost. The kids did not care. They hurried to get ready for school, bundled up (thanks Shell for the Mittens), and went outside to play. They didn't care if there wasn't enough to build a snow man, they did however figure out how to throw it at each other. For their sake (not mine) I hope the 50% chance of snow for this Saturday comes true. They have certainly waited for it!

Brr... it sure is cold out there! We hope you all are staying Warm!

Only in Bend would you find Llamas in the Christmas Parade...

So this last weekend our city had a Christmas parade. Jess now being involved in the Rotary Club was helping with their float (or truck). He took Madysen and they both got to ride in the parade. The boys and I got there early and found our seats on the Curb of downtown Bend. The parade was fun. It reminded me of the many parades I was in when I was a child. So we have figured out that living in Bend you must have a dog...or a horse! In the parade there were as Zac would say it "so many little dogs and big horses". But to our surprise there were even "Llamas" in the parade. They also have "Chevy Club"! Dad, you would love this! You and mom should come and live here...your Chevy's would fit right in, and this town does have a "little" St. George Feel!
~Merry Christmas~

Tyler and Zac At the Bend Christmas Parade

Tyler and Zac playing Frisbee in the street waiting for the parade to start!

Ooh, pretty Llama...

Dad, you should bring your old Chevy's and be in the "Chevy" Club...

Waving...It's what you do at Parades

Madysen on Rotary Club Float...look closely and you can see Jess

Madysen with Smokey the Bear

Monday, December 1, 2008

Remembering the Memories in Mountain View...Making New Memories in Bend!

Ok, one more time...Thanks so much for all of the fun times we had in California. Each one of you have left deep impressions on our family. Please know that you are Loved, Appreciated and very truly MISSED!!! We love and miss you!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Utah Utes Rule....


The Hallman's wearing Red...need we say more?

Zachary Chanting "Go BYU" (not kidding) So Tyler is taking care of it...
(we normally don't allow violence)

Thats better...Everyone say "Boo Hoo BYU"!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maddy's "Libby Lu" Birthday Present from Angelica

For Madysen's birthday Angelica and her mom organized a "Girls Night / Make over" for Madysen. The night before we took off to Oregon we drove 45 minutes to our Girls Night out. We stayed in a nice hotel room, went to dinner, the mall to purchase matching outfits and erasers for the girls, and then stayed up late talking and watching a show. The next morning we checked the girls into Libby Lu's for their Princess Makeovers! They had a blast. Being a little older they were a little more reserved with the hairstyles, but in the end they both looked like Models! It was so fun (and a much needed get~away for me)! We are so lucky to have such great friends who think of these fun trips. Thanks so much Shell and Angelica for making an already emotional weekend so fun!

Playing with our Newly purchased Erasers in the hotel room...

Getting our Nails done first...

Then comes the Make-up...

Then the Fancy Hair~do...

What a beautiful Girl...

Best Friends Forever...Thanks so much Angelica, We Love You!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We had a "Spooktacular" Halloween...

Halloween for the Hallman's this year was very fun. Madysen and Tyler decided to g0 as Harry Potter characters. Madysen was Hermione and Tyler as Harry Potter. Jess took a break from packing to braid Madysen's hair in little tiny braids (you can tell he did many of his sister's hair growing up) so she would have frizzy hair to fit the character. They both looked wonderful, and Tyler so smart in those glasses!! Zac went a a Pirate this year. It is a good thing I did not spend much on his costume because he did not want to wear it. Below is a slide show of our day. I forgot my camera during the "Trick-or-Treating" so I did not get any of these. We hope you all had a great day as well!!

We will miss our Friends in California...

We have spent the last 6 years here in Mountain View California. Because of this we have made some GREAT friendships. Last Sunday Jess and I (well OK, mostly I) decided to plan one last "Farewell" dinner to thank these wonderful friends. We invited 7 families to dinner. We had a total of 41 people (mostly kids) in our apartment. It was a little crazy but so much fun!!! Thank you so much for your friendships, I hope that we can stay in touch!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I have Bragging Rights...

OK, so setting aside the packing (well OK ~ the first brag) Jess has pretty much packed up the entire house. What a guy!

So my real bragging is about Madysen...So about six months ago she joined a Local Cheer team with her Bff Angelica. She had never even done a cartwheel. At first Madysen was a little frustrated but with much practice and fun her team went to their first (and only for Madysen) competition. They placed first and were eligible for Nationals. Madysen did a great job and her cartwheels and pyramids are PERFECT! Below are a few pictures...

So another brag is on the Academic side...Madysen's grade this year are required to know and pass a States and Capitals test. The first test was to be on the first ten states and capitals. The kids were given the choice to take just the first ten, or to take a test with all FIFTY(if they got 100% they would not have to take anymore tests)! For about 4 days Madysen Studied, we quizzed her tons, studied some more. Last Friday was the day of the test. She was determined to take the test with all fifty states and capitals. We were excited to get her paper back with a VERRY LARGE 100% on it (and not just one large 100%, but many)! Way to go Madysen!!!! We are not sure where she got her brains... ;-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Beautiful "little" girl is not so "little" anymore, but even more Beautiful!

"High School Musical 3" party decorations...$15.00

Goody bags to sneak into the theatre...$10.00

Party Favors...$5.00

Movie tickets for 8 Tweens and 1 adult to High School Musical 3 opening day...$65.50

Celebrating Madysen's 11th birthday with her BEST friends(it is going to be soo hard for her to move)...PRICELESS

Thanks so much for everyone who made Madysen's Birthday this year GREAT!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hallman's on the Move...

Well we are at it again. After being in Sunny California for EXACTLY 6 years we have decided to move again. Jess' job has transferred him to Bend Oregon. We have heard a lot of great things about this town. We are going to really miss the people here. We have made so many great friends here and it is really going to be hard to leave (I have already cried many times when I think of leaving all of you)! I hope that we can stay in touch and that we will get many visitors in the future!

Here is a picture of the house we will be living in. If we like this house (brand new) and neighborhood well enough we have the option to buy it...

Monday, October 6, 2008

We love the Anderson Family

This weekend we were blessed to have our great friends the Anderson Family over to visit. Jess and Darren met while serving their mission in the Dominican Republic. They have remained great friends ever since. After we were married I was introduced to Darren's new wife Lisa and we hit it off. We have not seen them for almost 6 years due to Darren's Medical School in the New York City area. We were very excited to know that they would be accepting a job offer only 6 hours a way in Medford Oregon. Madysen and Tanner were best of friends when they were toddlers. Alex and Tyler are very close in age, and Zac and Matthew are also close in age. They also have a beautiful baby girl named Emily (I wish I had gotten a picture for her). We had a great time. It was like all of the kids had know each other for YEARS when really they had only just met (except Madysen and Tanner)! Thanks Darren and Lisa for coming down and staying with us. We had such a great time and hope to see you soon, and many more times...