Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Madysen...Raw, Raw, UTES!

Tyler...Go UTES

Zac...Go UTES

Everyone loved our Football Team!

Mom and Dad went as the Ref's...Are we not always a Ref?

Pumpkin Carving with a few friends

Oh, how they love me with the Camera

Fun night with friends, pumpkins, and treats!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Madysen Jane Hallman...Born October 21 1997

Age 12

Happy Birthday Madysen Jane
Loving~Kind~Always Smiling~Helpful~Full of Life~Compassionate~Softball Star~Bike Lover~Great Babysitter~Terrific Artist~Loves her Brothers~Straight A+ Student~Basketball Star~Loves Fishing/Camping~Always Happy~Great Helper around the House~Caring~Loves the Outdoors~Loves Everyone~Loves Computer Games~Beautiful~Respectful~Loves Hugs~Smart~Loves Friends~Animal Lover (even with allergies)~Smiles all the time~Volleyball Star~Always Thinks of Others~Terrific Dishwasher~Loves to Read~Great Trumpet Player~Loves her Heavenly Father~Awesome Testimony of the Church~A Friend to everyone~

There are so many words/things to describe our darling Madysen! She is a joy to be in our home. Our lives would just not be the same without her! We hope she has a great birthday! Madysen is so excited to turn 12 and become a "Young Women" in our Church!
We Love you Madysen!

4 Months old

7 Months old...Still Smiling

9 Months old...Loves the Outdoors

1 year old...Smiling always

3 years...Has Always loved the Camera

4 Years...Same Big Smile