Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Dream come true...Visiting New York City

So Jess and I just got back from visiting the "Big Apple"!! Wow, what fun we had! Thanks to a great friend Katie I had the best Itinerary! We actually were able to see EVERYTHING on my list! We left Monday night and flew all night. We arrived in New York at 6:43 AM on Tuesday Morning. After a "Scary" Cab ride to the hotel to drop of our bags we headed for the subway. Our first stop was the Financial District. We walked up and down Wall Street. We went over to the "Twin Towers" site. What a heart breaking scene. I did not ever see the site when the Towers were standing, but you could definitely tell that something was missing. After this our plan was to take the harbor cruise. Well because of a sudden down pour of rain, and lightning we decided to try this another day!

On Wednesday we got up at 5:00 (yes I said 5, if you know me I am NOT a morning person) to go to the Today show! I meet many Celebrities and actually talked to a few of them! The rest of this day was spent riding "Bike Buggies" through Central Park, walking up and down the streets of "Broadway", "5th Avenue" (famous for all of the stores), and Spending all night in "Times Square". Before we came I had gotten tickets to the Play "Grease...You're the One That I Want" (from the reality show last year!) It was so fun. We also made it to "Harlem" with some Work Buddies of Jess' to find the best place to eat Ribs.

On Thursday I was on my own all day and night. I decided instead of hitting 34th street I would hop on the train and visit my Aunt Tammy in Connecticut. What a beautiful house and City they live in! If I could choose any city in the world to live in that would be it! Thanks Tammy for showing me where you live and for lunch! After returning I decided to do a little shopping for myself. I had about 3 hours before it got dark so I went into many fun stores. I then got something to eat and went back to the hotel room for the night.

On Friday I once again got up at 5:00 AM (As you can see we got little sleep) to catch a Taxi (Very first, by my self) to head to the taping of "Live with Regis and Kelly" I was late in sending in for tickets so I stood in the "Stand-by) line. It turned out that 3 very nice girls had an extra ticket! They knew I was by my self so they offered it too me. Today was my LUCKY Day! I sat on the Second row (got a few seconds of AIR Time). It was fun to see how they film these, and of course see the celebrities up close! After the show I walked back through town (by now I am a pro at knowing where I was) to meet my Aunt Tammy and Cousin Issac who rode the train in to spend a few hours with me. We went to Famous Serendipity's for lunch and of course the "Frozen Hot Chocolate". Now, I am not a huge chocolate fan, but wow, this was so yummy, I ate the entire bowl! Thanks Tammy for taking the time to come in and play! After Jess was done with his last meeting we got back on the Subway and headed for the Harbor Cruise. It started to rain again, but since we already had the tickets we decided to just get on the boat. We saw many things, from Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, the many bridges, etc. After this we once again spent most of the night down at Times Square. This is truly the "City that never Sleeps"!

On Saturday we headed to the Natural History Museum. We spent a few hours here. It was fun to see some of the things that were in the movie "Night at the Museum". We then headed for the Airport in a Town Car(not quite as scary).

I had a great time, and am Thankful to Jess for taking me along on his business trip! We were also blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa Hallman fly in to watch the kids.

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My Dream came true in New York City!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Zachary's First Day of Preschool~

Soccer Season is here...

~~Way to kick the ball Tyler!

~~Watch out Boys... I'm getting that ball

~~Take it down the field Ty!

Tyler has begun Soccer! He has had so much fun, especially with his dad as the assistant coach! Tyler gets right in and chases the ball. There team is called the "Green Alligators". It has been so hot here that by the time the game is over Ty is exhausted, but he loves every minute of it!