Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Memory of Shadow...October 1996 to March 2009

On March 4th 2009 our dog of 12 1/2 years returned to heaven to be with his brother Sinbad(who died a few years ago of Cancer in the Mouth). Even though for many many years he was being taken care of by Grandma and Grandpa Hallman (we were planning to have grandma and grandpa bring him back to live with us now that we are buying a home) we will miss him dearly.

Now let me tell you how we came about getting Shadow...One October day in 1996 Jess called me at work and said he had found an Ad in the paper for puppies. The cost was only $10. If you know me at all you know I am not a dog person (animal person for that matter), but I knew Jess wanted a dog really bad. So after I made sure it would only be $10 I said ok. He went right over after work to get shadow. There were 2 puppies left when he got there. Now you could clearly see that Shadow was the runt of the two, but for some reason this was the one Jess fell in love with (they are lab and basset mix ~ use your imagination). When the owner of the puppies went to get Shadow both puppies hid under the couch and would not come out. After getting Shadow home we came to the conclusion that these little puppies had been abused. Not that he looked injured but that every time we made sudden movements or picked up the newspaper he would flinch and then run and hide. That night he was in our dark closet and Jess turned on the light, and Shadow jumped back. We're not sure but we think he saw his shadow and got scared. So that is how he got his name..."Shadow". After realizing that it was possible that these poor dogs were being abused we didn't want to leave the last little puppy there. We called around (because 1 dog was definitely enough for me) to family asking if anyone wanted a cute puppy. My sister's decided they wanted him so we went back and got "Sinbad". We had both dogs for a while until we were able to get Sinbad down to St. George. Shadow was a great dog (other than eating my boot while I was pregnant with Maddy ~ use your imagination on how that went over as well). Shadow loved kids, especially Madysen. Madysen was the one he grew up with so they were very attached. When ever we visited Utah the kids would go right for him and play. It was as if they had never been apart.

We need to Thank Thank Thank Grandma and Grandpa Hallman for loving and taking care of Shadow while we couldn't. We know that he was just as much your dog as he was ours (if not more)!

We will miss you Shadow!