Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is what you all have been waiting for...

The Hallman's have moved into their VERY OWN home! We are so blessed to be able to buy a home, especially in this market (thanks Jess for working so hard and loving your job). We have had a great time getting all settled, finding places for things and being able to decorate our own home! As of now we are pretty much settled. Jess finished his shelf's in the Garage and we can now fit both vehicles in them (a little snug but they both fit). With the weather warming up we are now hoping to get our "Dead" grass growing again. Because this house had been sitting for two years the lawn is pretty much gone. We hope to revive it, but hey it is just great to have a yard after 6 years of no yard. So let me tell you a funny thing Zac said on Sunday...we were checking to see if all the sprinklers were working so Jess had them going. Zac came outside and said "Mom, what are you doing with the Flying Water". I did not realize that he did not know what "sprinklers" were. I guess he had never seen them, because in Cali our apartment did not have them, and we didn't go to the parks when they were on, and when we visit St. George my dad would water in the early mornings.

Anyways...enjoy the pictures of our new house! Oh, and we have a Bedroom and Full bathroom just for you, so PLEASE come and visit! Also scroll down because I put two other posts on today...

Our Easter Celebration

So once again we have been pretty busy...Our Easter was really fun! Although we would rather have spent it with Grandparents and Cousins we have found our own little family here in Bend to spend it with. We started the season off with a Party at our house ( I love to have parties). We originally invited 31 families (don't want to leave anyone out) but only about 10 of them and 2 missionaries were able to come (we had over 40 people here). We had Hamburgers and Hot dogs and Jess' FAMOUS Dutch Oven Potatoes (People in Cali loved them, and now people in Bend love them). We also had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. The kids had a blast. We finished off the night with some "Guitar Hero" with one of the families that stayed after to help clean up!

We also were lucky to have our great friends the Jacobsen's from California come and be our first Guests to stay in our new house! They decided to come and spend Easter in Bend. Rachel has family here so she came to see us both. We were glad they came and stayed at our house. The kids were SO excited to see some great friends.

The Easter Bunny found us on Easter morning and showered the kids with fun gifts. They also received packages in the mail from both grandparents! Thanks for that. After Church we went to our friends the Marino's for a Yummy Ham meal. We hope you all had a great Easter Season. Now aren't we all ready for SPRING?

Our Puppy Angel

Angel...Born January 2009

Angel...Our new puppy!

He loves the kids, and the kids love him!

Madysen and Tyler have done a Great job in taking care of him!

We went up in the mountains this last weekend and it was his first experience riding in the back of the truck...We do know he gets a little car sick.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Busy Couple of Weeks...

It has been a busy couple of weeks! We are finally moved into our OWN new home with our new Puppy Angel (yes Jess surprised us, or just me with a puppy)! Most everything is unpacked. The Garage is still in need of Organizing and the pictures need to be hung but other than that everything is out of boxes! I will post pictures of the house and Puppy soon!

As for the other things we have done...
First: Grandma and Grandpa Gubler came to visit and to see were we live. It was fun to have them here. We showed them around Bend and took them to the "Working Wonders Children's Museum". Zac and Grandma also had a blast playing Cars and boxing on the WII.
Working Wonders Store...Grandma as the Cashier
She has always wanted to be a cashier!
Grandpa, Dad and Madysen building the Huge Lincoln Log house. They built it and then it got knocked down!
Zachary in the house they built with his sign!
Zachary wants to be a Crossing Guard when he grows up! He wore the vest and carried the sign around almost the whole time we were there!
Boxing...Wow do your arms ache the next day!
Second: St. Patrick's day arrived and the Leprechaun found us. Each year the silly Leprechaun leaves us a trail of gold and goodies to a larger prize. This year was no different. He left them pencils, Clover shaped Straws, and a Movie. Oh, and Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hallman for the fun St. Patrick's day package! We hope you had a great St. Patrick's day!

We followed the gold and found the Treasure!
We hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun "clover" ears!Our "Green" St. Patrick's Day Dinner!
Consisted of...Green Jell-O, Green Punch, and green Cupcakes!
Third: After taking our entire Spring Break to Clean a new house, Move, and then Clean the Rental house I felt the kids needed something fun to do! We decided to take Saturday and have fun! We went to the local "Fun Center" and went Bowling and rode the bumper cars. That was a great ending to a very busy week!